Syncronize Records

Syncronize Records is the first psytrance label based in Ireland. Its name was born on one of those special occasions when the trancefloor was dancing in synchronicity, creating a feeling of unity. Together, We were One. Our aim is to release all forms of psychedelic music and art, synchronizing dancefloors all over the globe.

We consider ourselves very lucky, and are proud to celebrate the birth of our label along with another debut, "Psychogenica", the delicious first album by Ajja. Though unreleased under his own name, Ajja is already well known as one half of the successful psytrance project Yab Yum, a founding member of The Peaking Goddess Collective, as well as a manager of fellow label Peak Records.

Featuring original artwork by Ajja's brother, the world famous tattoo-artist Filip Leu, "Psychogenica" is a pure psychedelic trance album packed with dancefloor groovers, that have proven his ability to synchronize dancefloors from Japan to Canada. With tracks ranging from 142 to 146 bpm, the album is arranged as a psychedelic journey that will entrance listeners at home, in a car, or on headphones... though maximum effect will be achieved on massive soundsystems!

Due for release in October 2007, "Psychogenica" will be followed a month later by "Phantasmatika", the new album of psytrance wizard Hyperfrequencies. And the early months of 2008 will bring the first psytrance compilation, "Syncronize it".

Be synchronized!

Debut Album
Release Date: NOVEMBER 9, 2007



  • 01. Tripmunch
  • 02. Romance in Ab
  • 03. Juicy Shrooms
  • 04. Funklestiltskin
  • 05. Spitfire
  • 06. Lingus Khan
  • 07. We Are All Aliens
  • 08. Archetype
  • 09. Solar
  • 10. Spikedelic
  • 11. Peripheral Visions

To celebrate its birth, SYNCRONIZE RECORDS is proud to present its first release: PSYCHOGENICA, the delicious full-length debut psytrance album by AJJA.
Fusing his experience as one half of Yab Yum, a founding member of The Peaking Goddess Collective, and Peak Records’ label manager, AJJA has a PhD in psychedelic trance that will gently remind any dancefloor of the most important lesson: we are here to groove!
PSYCHOGENICA is 11 funky tracks arranged in such a way as to encourage you to trance & dance, keeping you solidly grounded while you spiral to the sonic seat of the soul.
Featuring mind-blowing art by AJJA’s brother, Filip Leu, combined with Tanina Munchkina & AJJA’s own visionary digital work, PSYCHOGENICA is a feast for the eyes that will stand out in any cd collection.

Hyper Frequencies
Second Album
“Phantasmatika" (snrcd002)
Release Date: November 2007

Mastered by Charles@Preferencemastering
Artwork & design by:www.


  • 01- Twisted Latitude
  • 02- Phantasmatika
  • 03- Party Cannibal
  • 04- Adrenokrohm
  • 05- Help Me
  • 06- The Dark Side
  • 07- Rhythms Of Peace Part 2
  • 08- Deep Hypnosis
  • 09- Organix
  • 10- Voices Of Peace

Tracks 3,4,5 produced by Gilles Beraud and Aurelion Large aka Psylom
Track 10 produced by Gilles Beraud and Irina Mikhailova

Syncronize Records is proud and happy to present “ Phantasmatika “, the epic, full-length second album of French psychedelic wizard Hyper Frequencies.
Four years after his debut solo album "Red Crystal Moon" gave us an insight into his particular, unique and colourful multiverse, HYPER FREQUENCIES is back with his new release “PHANTASMATIKA”. A deep psychedelic opus even more promising and original!

Two years of production, editing, and frequent testing on trancefloors around the world, manifested in ten tracks that perfectly represent HYPER FREQUENCIES’ phantasmagorical multiverse. Chimerical, tribal, organic and mystic, “PHANTASMATIKA” provides an immediate take-off on-board the fantasy spaceship.... Let yourself be tranceported! And while on this psychosideral trip, discover a world where frequencies, rhythms, waveforms, oscillators and LFO, cross and mix to create a positive, deep and magical emotion...

Don't miss the flight!!


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